The Power of the right Mindset

“Everyday I come to work with what I think is a very positive mindset, I feel like I’m happy and relaxed, but before I know it I feel like my job has sucked the life out of me. I become negative and irritable and not able to perform at my best. I often feel like the ball on a tennis match, and I’m being hit back and forth with no control”.This story we have shared during our workshop really resonates with so many to this situation, the relentless pressures of work and corporate life can suck the energy and passion from you before we’ve even started on our day.Andy Cope from the brilliant “Art of Brilliance” refers to Smonday… the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in. Do you feel like this? What could be the impact if you feel like this when you are in a leadership role and position of authority at work?As a leader your influence is massive, it has a huge multiplier effect. The leader with a positive mindset and mood cascades far and wide. If the whole organisation is feeling good, everyone is optimistic, making good decisions and being creative. Leaders can have a multiplier effect both in a positive and negative way.Neil Thubron from Extreme Energy and myself have recognised the importance of understanding the mindset of the leader and team. In fact before we can start to think about change we need to start much closer to home, and that this is individual first.

Before you can start to inspire others as leaders you need to be inspired yourself, and that starts with having a positive and high performing mindset.

During our workshops we invest heavily in enabling leaders to start looking at themselves first and how they show up at work. The more we can help leaders get to know themselves, what makes them tick, their strengths, their beliefs, values, passions and stressors then we have an opportunity to start challenging them.

We believe the faster we can catch these negative thoughts then the sooner we can avoid the emotional cascade that follows this.

Our initial conversations with teams start with some very simple but revealing questions on how they see themselves. Not least, such questions enable the people to get into the right mindset for engagement and collaboration within the workshop.

These conversations are about what challenges them and what drains their energy and importantly what takes them away from achieving a positive mindset. I’m sure many will relate to the types of responses we hear on a regular basis – too many emails, personality differences, poor communication, lack of decision making, lack of vision, over work, long commute, too much travelling etc. Do you recognise these? You are not alone.

We believe that actually having this conversation with leaders at the outset is key as it helps us start to recognise the triggers and understanding what we can and can’t control. In fact this conversation can be invaluable as it provides a hugely valuable insight into each other and start to recognise the challenges that individuals and teams might have at work.

Changing ones mindset starts with awareness and an appreciation of what you can and can’t control. Learning when to let go and importantly to recognise the triggers that lead to these negative thoughts.

Of course it’s not that simple however through the work we have with leaders can have a real positive impact. We start to to see leaders be alive and inspirational and most importantly have the capability and passion to lead others.

4E’s of leadership – a high performing leader is one that has positive energy – be able to energise others, have the edge to make tough calls, the talent to execute and the personal passion. Jack Welch.

Chris Prince is the owner of onesecondahead and specialises in training and coaching of leaders and teams.

Neil Thubron is an executive mentor and coach, sale and leadership development consultant and the owner of Extreme Energy.

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