Team Development“We are passionate about teams and helping them achieve their potential”

The work place is changing. Organisations are becoming flatter, leaner and more agile. We are collaborating more and we are collaborating differently. More than 75% of an employee’s day is spent communicating with colleagues. Remote and virtual working has increased 10-fold in the last decade.

We recognise the pressures and changes in the workplace and have designed a series of impactful workshops that enable you to get the best out of your people and create high performing teams.

Our High Performing Team Development Programme and diagnostic give your teams a competitive edge, by overcoming obstacles and barriers, and finding newly established ways of working at a higher level of performance.

Working alongside some of the most inspiring trainers we have successfully helped leaders improve their overall team effectiveness and ways of working and collaborating.

Our experiences of leading and coaching international teams allows us to share our experiences and introduce current thinking and research on teams.

We believe there are three steps to enabling high-performing teams

1. Me as a Team Member

We introduce a range of assessment tools (Strengths Profile) to help employees understand themselves and receive feedback on their way of working. This enables self-reflection and encourages employees to have increased awareness of their strengths and areas of development.

2. How I work with others

Once an employee fully understands their role at work, they will then need to think about how their role interacts with others. Our workshop provide the platform to start having conversations around how the team members can work more effectively with eachother.

3. How we operate as ONE team

The research tells us that, given time, a diverse team will outperform a homogenous one. Our Report provides an immersive overview of the different roles in a group and how they will work together; a ‘grand finale’ to any team workshop.

Greater self belief and confidence!