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We deliver a series of ‘Strengths based’ workshops for Schools (10-15 yrs old) and Students (16 + years), these workshops equip students and teachers with insight into adopting a strengths based approach for academic excellence, inter-personal relationships and pastoral support and care. These workshops help students, pupils, teaching staff and parents  learn how to focus on a young person’s strengths rather than weaknesses.

Gallup™ research has shown that focusing on strengths creates an individual who is more productive and confident. Engaging staff members in what they are interested in and where they are most likely to excel leads to better job performance, achievement of goals and more job satisfaction than a weakness-based approach to supervision.

When students and teachers know their own strengths they are more likely to engage with their pupils and students.

Strengths For Students 2020

Benefits Include:

1. Increase staff productivity & engagement:
By respecting the differences in strengths among colleagues and leveraging on this to build a strengths-based partnership.

2. Increase student engagement effectiveness:
By teaching with strengths, lessons become less daunting and more fulfilling for the teacher. Students’ attention increases as a teacher’s joy increases.
These workshops have been delivered to great effect both at schools and universities, allowing students and pupils to discover their natural talents and help them make better decisions and allow them to increase their personal self awareness and skills. Teaching staff have benefited through having a better understanding of their pupils and helping them get the best out of their studies at school.

We offer a customisable program that can meet the needs of your school’s or universities objectives when it comes to using strengths. Depending on the age of the students, we use the 2 strengths-based frameworks from Gallup™:

StrengthsExplorer® (ages 10 – 15 years)

CliftonStrengths for Students® (ages 16 upwards)


The Clifton Youth Strengths Explorer Assessment tool was designed for individuals aged 10-15 years old, as a precursor to the Clifton StrengthsFinder tool.

Workshops that enable you to get the best out of your people

The work place is changing. Organisations are becoming flatter, leaner and more agile. We are collaborating more and we are collaborating differently. More than ¾ of an employee’s day is spent communicating with colleagues. Remote and virtual working has increased 10-fold in the last decade.

Our High Performing Team Development Programme and diagnostic give your teams a competitive edge.

Working alongside some of the most inspiring trainers we have successfully helped leaders improve their overall team effectiveness and ways of working and collaborating.

Our experiences of leading and coaching international teams allows us to share our experiences and introduce current thinking and research on teams.