360 Feedback“We are passionate about teams and helping them achieve their potential”

‘Invest now in those who’ll deliver for you in the future’.

360-degree feedback comes with a whole host of benefits. They can increase self-awareness, promote dialogue and even improve working relationships. At OneSecondAhead, we can help you conduct an effective and meaningful 360 evaluation.

We’ll make sure your talent strategy evolves with your business and prepares you for the future, whether you’re starting from scratch or filling in the gaps. We use a variety of tools to help you evaluate and develop your talent, as well as identifying gaps in your strategy.

We have the capability of delivering leadership, management and Sales assessments, all of which can be used as a stand along activity or integrated as part of a program of talent development.

Tools we use:

  • Talent management diagnostic and consulting
  • Assessment and development centres
  • 360° feedback, psychometrics and behavioural interviews
  • Talent coaching

Management skills deficits and reportedly, 71% of today’s leaders are not ready to lead their organisation in the future.

High performance in teams and organisations requires curious and agile leaders who can solve tomorrow’s issues and create an environment where talent can thrive.

Why work with Chris?

1. Over the last 20 years I have worked with 100’s of leaders to help them become their “Personal Best and Inspired”.

2. My approach is underpinned by real practical experience of working in Industry and Research. I have an underlying belief in individuals’ potential to develop and perform.

3. My focus is on providing relevant content and experiences that are flexible and can be used as stand-alone workshops or as part of a broader learning journey within your organisation.

4. My programs use diagnostic tools (Strengths Assessment) to objectively identify strengths of the team and individual along with areas of focus and weakness.

5. My leadership programs use a range of interventions and experiences to ensure that there is a transfer of learning and change, these include simulations, games, design thinking and other experiential learning techniques.

Greater self belief and confidence!