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This book has been a real breakthrough for me and has given me a new insight into leadership and myself. The book is written by an early Google engineer and personal growth pioneer Chade-Meng Tan who with his team designed Search Inside Yourself as a popular course at Google. The program has transformed their business, to the extent that many companies replicate similar techniques into their business. You can be critical at times with the way Google does things but this to me is a ‘winner’ and has really brought a number of leadership techniques into a really pragmatic and powerful program. It works!

The work is built on a strong foundation of science based attention training and mindfulness tools for increasing emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ makes people better leaders. Most of us understand it intuitively based on our day- to- day experience interacting with those whom we lead and those who lead us. But the challenge is that for many of us we have a limited awareness of our EQ and how this impacts us, our people and our families.

EQ is not a fad and has been on the radar for sometime but what Google have done is to ‘package’ this and make is so absorbing. Goleman is a man of our times and his work on EQ is becoming more relevant.


“The Search Inside Yourself course transforms people. In this book, Meng shows that knowing yourself lies at the core of emotional intelligence.” Daniel Goleman

Live Better, Work Better

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