Leadership Development“We are passionate about teams and helping them achieve their potential”

Developing leaders of the future

High performance in teams and organisations is impossible without leaders who can create an environment where success and talent can thrive.

We’re here to develop high-performing leaders equipped to lead their teams and businesses in a volatile and uncertain world.

Leadership, and what is asked of leaders, has changed significantly in just a few years. Change in the external environment continues to quicken and organisations continue to require greater levels of engagement from their leaders, customers and clients to make smart, informed decisions about where to take their business.

Leaders are now juggling the management of a multi-generational workforce, with rapid technological advances, the ‘war for talent’ and more competitors than ever.

Management skills deficits and reportedly, 71% of today’s leaders are not ready to lead their organisation in the future.

High performance in teams and organisations requires curious and agile leaders who can solve tomorrow’s issues and create an environment where talent can thrive.

Our courses provide the skills your leaders need

New Manager Program

These are your first time People Managers who are promoted on the back of their performance as outstanding individual contributors. Our programmes can help them to shift their focus from their individual performance to building and managing a high performing team. They are introduced to such core management principles such as Situational Leadership and delivering effective feedback to your team.

LEAD Mindset for Leadership and Organisations

Become a great leader, unlock employee potential & inspire a creative corporate culture by embracing a growth and LEAD mindset. This powerful workshop provides leaders to become aware of their mindsets and discover the impact and positive change through adjusting and transforming the way they approach their work, other people and lives. Leaders will learn how to adjust their perspectives and behaviours to reduce conflict and build stronger collaboration with peers and partners.

  • Develop increased self- awareness
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • A set of tools and resources to develop the LEAD mindset
  • Increased co operation and reduced resistance to change
  • Builds stronger leadership engagement and employee well being

Leadership Mini Series

Our range of 90-minute ‘ Lunch n’ Learn’ learning sessions provide your teams with the necessary input to develop their leadership journey. Pick and mix from the range of content we have developed. These mini programs are great for refreshing your teams and re connect with current thinking and approach to people and leadership development.

Topics Include:

Developing Empathy through Design Thinking

This interactive workshop helps us develop stronger empathy a core and essential skill of any leader, using the principled from IDEO we will work as a team on some real-life case studies. Come prepared to get involved and learn some core design thinking and personal skills.

Leading with Purpose

During this workshop you will explore the topic of personal leadership and why it really matters for your studies, career and life. You will discover the different styles of leadership and become more aware of your own leadership approach. You will receive feedback on your style and develop the mindset required to be an emotionally developed and growing leader.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

This emotional intelligence workshop addresses our own Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how we can better understand ourselves and interpret others. It will provide you with the skills to be more self-aware and choose to manage your reactions. It also gives you the skills to assess other’s emotions more effectively and deal with them successfully for enhanced performance.

Sink, Float or Swim

Are you sinking, floating or swimming in your daily life? Sinkers are overwhelmed, overworked, overtired, and nearing a crisis or burnout. Floaters are too often comfortably numb as they fail to realize that they have untapped potential, but they lack the energy and strategies to make it happen. A swimmer, is someone who is full of energy and resilience and has wiped away their brain fog and their fatigue and developed the strategies and habits to energize themselves. This workshop will help you become a swimmer.

Storytelling Skills for Impact

Storytelling is a powerful way of interacting and engaging with your audience. It develops empathy and helps build connection with others. We will show how to develop these stories and importantly to practice this. You will often have to present oneself or one’s own work, be it in meetings, in conferences……this is an essential part of working and been a leader.

Joining the Dots – A Career Workshop

Are you still at that stage of working out what you want to do? Or perhaps you are unsure of the direction? Or you have an important decision to make, or attend a job interview? Joining the dots is an interactive workshop that will help you explore the decisions you have made to date and look at how to go forwards. Using a powerful process called timeline you will do a look back and forwards and consider the steps and be more confident about yourself.

Personal Branding and Impact

What would an advertisement about you say? How do you want to be seen? What impact do you have? Come along to this session that will explore the real you and how you can add impact to create that perfect advertisement.

Why work with Chris?

1. Over the last 20 years I have worked with 100’s of leaders to help them become their “Personal Best and Inspired”.

2. My approach is underpinned by real practical experience of working in Industry and Research. I have an underlying belief in individuals’ potential to develop and perform.

3. My focus is on providing relevant content and experiences that are flexible and can be used as stand-alone workshops or as part of a broader learning journey within your organisation.

4. My programs use diagnostic tools (Strengths Assessment) to objectively identify strengths of the team and individual along with areas of focus and weakness.

5. My leadership programs use a range of interventions and experiences to ensure that there is a transfer of learning and change, these include simulations, games, design thinking and other experiential learning techniques.

Greater self belief and confidence!